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Our Team

Certifications: ISSA / ACE / APEX NUTRITION
Dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better for over 22 years.
Ken Smith
Owner - Body Achievements LLC
Fitness Professional / Elite Trainer

Kenneth Smith, fitness professional, has been faithfully serving clients of all ages in Northern NJ for over 23 years. He is certified through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and provides customized nutritional planning through APEX Nutrition. Whether you are looking to enhance your sports performance, improve overall health and nutrition, or change your body composition to meet your weight loss or muscle gain goals, Kenneth will provide the professional and experienced training you require. From beginner trainer to advanced body building, Kenneth offers customized in-home and in-gym training for youths, adults or seniors in both individual and group environments.

Brian Carpenter
Fitness Professional-
Elite Trainer

Brian has been in the fitness industry for over 34 years, training a variety of clients from Professional athletes to clients with special needs. He was also a Strength coach for two Universities! His vast knowledge of training techniques and nutritional advice has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals and a better quality of life!

Fitness Professional-
Elite Trainer

Mike is an elite personal fitness trainer currently working at Florham park fitness, where he has been assisting his clients with various physical and health challenges for over 5 years. Mike is dedicated to the importance of health, fitness and nutrition and knowledgable about proper muscle strengthening through weight training and use of equipment. His experience includes specific techniques used for body building, weight loss and sports training. He graduated at Kean university with a B.A. in physical education -global fitness and wellness. He is committed to guiding his clients to their lifetime goals through exercise and proper diet.

Shari Wildman Palmateer
Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Stress Management Coach

After over 30 years enjoying a successful and fun career in high-tech, Lyme
Disease hit and changed my life. It took 5 years of putting the right team in
place to reign victorious over this hidious disease. Now I am passionate
about helping people feel well, at their pace, based upon their vision.
Change can be overwhelming. Even organizing daily medications and
supplements can be so challenging that some people just don’t take them!
Let alone figuring out how to clean up your diet, drink enough water and
manage all of that within daily work and stresses.
If you give me the honor of helping you achieve your wellness goals, I
promise my nonjudgmental, undivided, empathetic attention.

Phillip Christopher
Fitness Professional-
Elite Trainer

Pc is a national level bodybuilder with a wide range of knowledge on the training, posing, and nutrition needed to be successful in the sport. He has helped clients reach top levels in the sport of bodybuilding, as well as helped to gain sponsorships toward the sport.

Lindsay Maurer
Diet and Nutrition

MS, RDN, CDE is the nutrition expert behind WinningBalance Nutrition. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, Lindsay provides nutrition counseling and education to help her clients reach their health and fitness goals!Lindsay holds a BS in Health Sciences from Quinnipiac University with a minor in business. She received her Dietetics program certificate, as well as her Masters in nutrition and food science, from Montclair State University. She completed the dietetic internship through Sodexo Healthcare Services. In addition, she is a strong advocate for physical fitness. She is an avid runner and a certified spinning instructor through Maddogg Athletics®. She believes that combining proper nutrition with exercise will help individuals achieve their health goals.

Specialty Areas:* Diabetes* Weight Loss* Total body wellness* Sports NutritionLindsay believes in the “all things in moderation” mentality. She does not believe in deprivation when it comes to fueling the body. Lindsay focuses on helping her clients fuel their bodies with wholesome, real foods to help them reach their goals – and yes, that includes occasionally indulging in your favorite dessert! :)In her free time, Lindsay enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, hanging on the beach, or cooking up something new in the kitchen!

Dr Jonathan Mastrobattista
Simply Chiropractic Bernardsville

At SIMPLY CHIROPRACTIC™, we are chiropractors first, and business owners second.We believe that chiropractic care should be accessible to everyone. We believe in the necessity of Corrective Care, then Maintenance/Wellness Care for a lifetime. We believe in care for the entire family and that everyone needs to be checked. We believe our purpose is to correct the subluxation, thereby liberating the body's Innate healing potential. We believe our goal should be, if possible, to correct the cause and not to treat a symptom. We do not believe in treating anything. We believe in the devastating effects of the subluxation and in the awesome power of the adjustment.

Suzanne Woloshin
Elite Trainer | Nutritionist

Suzanne is an elite trainer and nutritionist specializing in helping pre and post menopausal women going through hormonal imbalances as well as training for children and young adults with eating disorders. She is also well versed in group and or one on one training as well as weight training, functional training and spin. She has also competed in the 2 figure competition and rated high in fitness overall.

Discuss your training style, goals and preferences
during your first consultation. From this, we will match
you with the ideal Certified Personal Trainer.
Discuss your training style, goals and preferences during your first consultation. From this, we will match you with the ideal Certified Personal Trainer.
Body Building
Sports conditioning
Personal Training
Group Training
in home training
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nick brown
Within just the first 30 days i could feel transformation start to take place, the personal trainers at this gym are no joke!


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